Terrain has an in-depth knowledge of strength and conditioning, body composition and physique training.

He also understands, all too well, the real life struggle of balancing life with training and nutrition.

As for the past three years he has juggled working as a stay at home Dad while running a successful Personal Training Business.

All while finding time to keep himself in great shape.

His philosophy is that "you can always find the time to workout".



Head Coach/Owner

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2017(CH)

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer 2018(CH)

CrossFit Judge 2018 (CH)

CrossFit Kids Trainer 2019 (ITA)

Dipl. Athlete Trainer (USA)

Dipl. Fitness Instructor (USA)

Cert. Kettle Instructor (DE)

Nutrition Coach (USA



 Viviane is a passionate advocate for women's health and a mother herself. Viviane understands the stresses and trepidations that come with trying to stay healthy and strong while looking after a young family. She's a big beliver that an active lifestyle is one of the greatest gifts you can share with your family and so she's on a mission to get the whole family moving!




2014 Group Fitness Instructor (SAFS)

2014 Postnatal Fitness Instructor (fitdankbaby)

2014 Pilates Mat (SAFS)

2014 Training Throughout Pregnancy - Specialisation Workshop (SAFS)

2015 Nutrition Coach (SAFS)

2015 Basic Life Support (BLS/AED) / Child and Infant First Aid

2017 Pilates Overball and Balance Pad Specilization Workshop (SAFS)

2017 Pelvic Floor Coach (BeBo)

2017 Fitness Trainer (SAFS)

2018 Personal Trainer (SAFS)

2019 CrossFIt Level 1 Trainer





CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Boot Camp Coach