Want to throw a CrossFit Kids birthday party for your child? We offer Events for all ages! Each party consists of an hour of age appropriate CrossFit activities, followed by food and cake and ends with controlled free play afterwards. We provide tables, chairs, plenty of room for parents to hang out and three different food options; Pizza, Hot Dogs or Healthy Meals provided by Eatpure for the Kids. Birthday cake and any other food you’d like to serve is to be provided by the parents. Not to forget - a Big Suprise is waiting for the Birthday child!



Here’s a template of what you can expect to happen at a CrossFit Kids birthday party. We’re happy to discuss the activities with you or your child ahead of time to make sure they get the party they want!
Activity 1: Obstacle Course
Crawl, climb, jump, and balance through one of our super-fun obstacle courses.

Activity 2: CrossFit Skills
The particular activities we choose depend on the age of the kids as well as how many we’ve got, but we divide the group into 2-4 smaller groups and rotate through the following stations: Rope Climbs, Handstands, Climb-a-Wall (then Smash-a-Wall), Scooter Relay Races, and Rowing
Activities 3-4: Games!
We’ll finish with 1-2 games where everyone can have fun and get a little crazy! Some of our favorite include CrossFit Dodgeball, Zombie Tag, Freeze Dance, Steal the Bacon. For older kids who are up for it, we might do a team workout.
Food and Free Play
Pizza or Hot Dog is included in the price. Cake or other food provided by parents can be served to attendees. Any time remaining can be used as free play in the gym with supervision and access to limited equipment. 


Up to 15 kids: CHF 500
included one of the following Food options: Pizza, Hot Dog or healthy Meals provided 
As a Gift your child will receive a 10 Session Crossfit Kids Punch card.


We offer CrossFit Kids birthday parties on Saturday's from around 2:00pm onward.
Contact US for more information and/or to book your party!
Covid-19 Concept for Birthday Parties
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