One-on-One Personal Training is the ultimate route to fitness.

 Whether you're working towards fat loss, increased muscle, improved strength, greater endurance, sporting prowess or simply to feel fitter and healthier our expert Personal Trainer will tailor a Training Plan around your specific goals so you can achieve them faster.

After your initial Assessment at our high-spec, friendly and inspiring Gym located in Thalwil Switzerland, you will be assigned your Personal Training Expert who will take care of your Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle improvements. Working closely with you, your Personal Trainer will devise a tailored Workout Programm which will be continuously updated, assessed and periodized to ensure that you are always seeing the very best results. Your Trainer will also assess your Nutrition and Lifestyle as part of an ongoing process which will look to modify your current habits in order to promise your results.   

*Please come dressed in Fitness Attire and comfortable Gym Sneakers and bring your Water Bottle.

  Make sure you arrive 10 min before the Session starts.